It has been some time since I have had time to post but now my bad concience for being away for so long has taken over.. Norway is grey, cold and snowy. This is really not the time of the year to go here if you are planning to visit. The snow stays on the ground for two days max and after that it turns into grey wet stuff which is not really a shoes best friend. I have bought one pair of shoes which I am willing to sacrifice, so I have more or less been wearing the same shoes the entire winter. You do not even want to see how they look right now šŸ˜‰ I thought I would post an outfit from this fall.. The sweater I bought from theoutnet, my absolute favorite bargain website. You can really get nice stuff for more than half the original price! I also love that they still wrap it in so nicely when they ship it so everytime I get mail from them it is like opening a present.BLOG ACNE BLOG ACNE BLOG ACNE3Shoes: Alexander Wang; Leggings: Zara; Sweater: ACNE; Bag Celine


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