Additions to my beauty bag

The other day I went past my favorite beauty shop in Oslo, Gimle Parfymeri. They have an amazing collection of make up and other products, including a organic cosmetics section. This is the place where you have to go when you want something special that you cannot get anywhere else in Oslo. One of the products that have been on my wishlist for a long time is the concealer from Laura Mercier. You cannot get it anywhere else than there and I even had to go on a three week waiting list cause it sells out so quickly. While I was there I got persuaded to buy some other products that I had no idea that I needed before now.

1. Laura Mercier – Secret camouflageIMG_4974 IMG_4977 IMG_4978 IMG_4982My absolutely favorite concealer. It stays on for hours and covers very naturally. You can use the two different shades to find your perfect colour. I use the shade nr. 2. 

2. Amazing space by Laura Bonne – Cool cucumber hydrating gel Blog1blog2blog3This cooling gel is perfect to use after a sunburn or if your skin is irritated and red. It does burn a bit in the beginning but after that your skin really calms down and looks refreshed.

3. Clairesonic facial cleaner (Mia 2) blog4 blog5 blog6This is kind of like a electrical toothbrush for your face. It is supposed to clean your face ten times better and also gives a nice massage in the process. I have noticed that it actually does make a difference so if you have about 150 Euros to spend on this you should!! You can also use it in the shower as it has a magnetic charging system.


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