In search of the perfect day creme

I have never hesitated to invest in good skin products as I find it important to take good care of it. I have very sensitive skin so I have always been using brands that do not contain any perfumes and I always check all the ingredients before I decide to buy it. I know this might sound exaggerated but if I have to pay a high price I want to make sure that it is worth it. Until now my favorite brands have been Decleor, Dermalogica and MD Formulations. However, non of these brands have a day creme that really blows me away, although they are all quite good. I have heard many good things about Bergman, which is a brand that is designed by medical specialists, so I have decided to give it a go.


What they promise:

Sensation Day is an ultra soft cream that hydrates and balances the (sensitive) skin and provides it with considerably more resistance. Beta Glucan repairs the functions of the skin and activates the immune system. After use, the skin feels silky soft, comfortable and supple.

The result is a perfectly balanced skin that is visibly radiant and feels wonderful. Sensation Day is developed for normal to hyper-sensitive skin. Sensation Day does not contain perfume and are therefore very suitable for people with an allergic reaction to perfume.

My review:

I love the texture of the creme, it is rich enough to seem nourishing and light enough to spread easily. I actually notice a slight tinkling after I apply the cream (which I find surprising as the cream is for sensitive skin) but this passes after a couple of seconds. So far so good.. I will give you an update on this after a week as a review based on a one time use is rather useless 😉


5 thoughts on “In search of the perfect day creme

  1. Hi Jenny, was the cream as good as it started off? I am in search of a good day cream too. Do you use any serums at all? 🙂

    1. I am still using it and I like it a lot. But it is no miracle cream to be completely honest so I will rather let you know when I find one of those again!! 😉

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