Yellow coat

I think it is time that I give up all unrealistic hope about that there might come another five days of sudden summer. It is time to face that all my summer clothes can go into boxes and rather to brush up my winter wardrobe. I always dread this moment to come because I am not a big fan on warm itchy sweaters, short days and always being cold. Even if you do make an effort by putting on a nice outfit, chances are pretty high that it will stay hidden under a thick winter coat. There are just so many more possibilities on what to wear during the summer.. Oh and wearing this outfit made me remember why I have not worn needle heels in Holland for some time, you get stuck everywhere!!Coat: Steps, Shoes: Ripa, Bag: Marc Jacobs (you can buy Marc Jacobs bagshere), Skirt: H&M, Top: Mads Noergaard



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