I spend three days in Saigon before heading off to Koh Phagnan for the full moon party. This vacation is coming to an end and it is time to go back to reality. These four weeks have gone by so quickly and I have had some great experiences. Saigon is a city that has some great coffee places and restaurants to offer. As my vacation is almost over this now turned travel blog for four weeks will also go back to normal. I hope that my travel tales have been interesting and if you have any questions about recommendations just ask! 🙂

What are you looking at?

1. A perfectly normal way to travel in Saigon

2. Street sale women

3. Me attempting to be a street sales women (it is heavier than it looks)

4. You will find cocks trapped under nets in the middle of the street

5. Street propaganda

6. Green curry served in coconut, I can really recommend it!

7. Marc Jacobs ❤

8. My newly bought pashmina scarf





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