A perfect last day in Phu Quoc

Unfortunately, I have not been too lucky the last days. Firstly, my MAC did not seem to enjoy to the climate as much as I do, so it completely crashed, which makes blogging a bit more difficult. Secondly, I have caught a horrible flue. The first days I was still able to suppress the symptoms with high doses of Paracetamol but today I am not really able to do much else than lie in bed. This is extremely frustrating, especially if you find yourself in such an exciting city as Saigon. Anyway, the last days on Phu Quoc were great. We went snorkeling and spend the day on a little fisher boat with a really fun group of people from Canada. What are you looking at?

1. The harbor of Phu Quoc

2. The market where you could have a very fresh meal

3. The market again with two very charming kids

4. Fresh chicken for sale 😦

5. Arriving on the beach after a day on the boat

6. Me with the little girl I fell in love with

7. Little houses on the water on Phu Quoc

8. Rainy days

9. Boarding the plane to Saigon


4 thoughts on “A perfect last day in Phu Quoc

  1. Hi dear! What a beautiful photo’s each time. And Vietnam is also such a beautiful country, I hope you be better very soon. Don’t miss the Central Highlands of Vietnam, Hoi An and Sapa..

    Good luck for you, enjoy the last two weeks and a big kiss from Holland!!

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