My beach look

Although this is mainly a blog about fashion, I have not been really able to do any fashion posts since I left to my 4 week trip to Asia. So I figured it would be about time to have an outfit post. It is a very simple outfit which is perfect for the beach. The dress is from LUX and is made of very thin cotton, which makes it perfect for temperatures above 30 degrees. As for make up, I only use eyeliner, blush and some lip gloss as anything else will just run off because of the heat. Apart from that, when you are quite tanned, a lot of make up just does not really look good and just gives you a “mask-like” look. I use my favorite lip gloss Juicy Tubes (watermelon flavor) from Lancome, Star bronzer blush from Lancome and Bobby Brown Gel eye liner. In my experience they are the only products that will actually stay on in 30 degrees. Dress; LUX , Sandals: Topshop (you can buy Topshop here), Sunnies: H&M  


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