Discovering Aranyapathet

After spending two days in Aranyapathet we are ready to leave Thailand and travel to Cambodia. During the two days here, I have quite surprisingly only seen two tourists.. People here also give the impression that this place is not often visited by tourists, as most locals stare at us as if we were aliens. Apart from that, they are all very friendly, although almost nobody speaks a word english. I have gotten plenty of practice in “sign language” to put it that way. Today we spend the day at a huge market where they sell everything from food to fabrics. The prices they charge there really makes you think that everything in Europe is seriously overpriced. I also had a quite funny incident with a local coming up to me trying to sell me a Iphone 5 with 6g. Note the very controversial parking place for scooters in the second picture. I have decided to settle for smaller pictures as the internet connection here is extremely slow. Once I am back the blog will be back to normal..


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