Time to start packing…



…cause it is almost time for me to leave this rainy country and head for Asia. The dress from JUX I bought yesterday at a little vintage market in Amsterdam and it is actually the first time I have heard about the brand. The brand is ecological and fair trade and this one is made from organic cotton. All clothes from the brand use very light fabrics, which makes this the perfect dress for the beach.  Dress: Jux, Bikini: Hunkemoller, Evian Facial spray, Elle beach edition, Clinique sun-care, Sunnies: Dior.



5 thoughts on “Time to start packing…

  1. Wow! Whereabouts in Asia? I originally come from here although I’m half. Well done for having sun cream ready by the way. Unfortunately, I myself can’t use sun cream–have yet to find one that does not give me allergies! 🙂

  2. I will do..didn’t even know they had a suncare line. I was about to try Elemis Liquid Layer to see if that will do the trick. I went to a spa in the weekend and they used a brand called Espa which was also fabulous. Have you ever tried it? Wow, have fun! I’m sure you will have a blast as both those countries are beautiful and the weather is lovely xx

    1. they did have it a couple of years ago so i am pretty sure they still have it. no i have not, i have not heard about it either so i will check it out if i can get it in the netherlands as well! thanks, i cannot wait for some sun!!!! xoxo

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