Semi precious edition from MAC

I am so getting one of these. I have always liked MAC, so I am exited about trying their new products that contain real jewels and minerals. Their eyeshadows are actually mixed by hand with the pulverized jewels and then baked for 24 hours which results in an amazing shine. This means that they are extra long lasting. MAC’s new edition consists of twelve eyeshadows, three blushes and four skin finish. You can get these babies for 19.50 Euros. I am off to my last exam and then I can finally enjoy my vacation..cannot wait!


4 thoughts on “Semi precious edition from MAC

  1. Oooh! What is this MAC line called? It’s not the mineralize one is it? I already have those. Is this an entirely new one? Oh Jenny, your blog introduces me to even more things to spend on! 🙂 Love it! x

    1. hahaha, I was really excited when i saw as well! i must admit that my spending has also increased quite a bit after i started my blog 😉 just too many nice things to buy!! The products are available in stores in july and august and the edition is called semi precious! let me know if you come across something that you think i really should get cause i think we have quite similar taste 😉

  2. I definitely will. I already checked the MAC UK site and saw the semi-precious range. I want them all! I actually don’t have a lot of MAC apart from their mineralize range. I mostly have Dior, Guerlain & Chanel. Have you tried the Guerlain meteorites primer? I love it! I know, I love your clothes too! I couldn’t find that ASOS dress anymore but in the process of looking for it I ended up ordering 5 different ones! Ooopsie…x

    1. hahaha, yes ASOS makes is so scarily easy to just buy too much 😉 I have bought quite some products from MAC and have been super happy with all of them.. you should really try more of their products! Love Dior too but two weeks ago I had the most disappointing experience with the brand. Have you ever tried the liquid eyeliner? Well if you have not, don’t, cause it will not stick more than two hours..Love all their other products though!!! Yes, I have had it! Like it a lot 🙂

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