Amsterdam Fashion week opening party

It is that time of the year again and Amsterdam fashion week has started! We went to the opening party yesterday, which was fun cause it has been some time since I had a girls night out. There was a fashion show during the party, which was supposed to be inspirational but I have to say that there are few time that I have seen styling done that bad. We started the night out with some Beluga, which actually tastes so nice that it is almost that it is a shame to mix it.  Then we biked to the fashion party, which I something that I think you will only find in Holland. People go by bike absolutely everywhere! One of the many things I love here, keeps you fit and you never have to cue for a cab!


My dress is from ASOS, the clutch is also from ASOS, ring from Alexander McQueen, jacket from Samsoe & Samsoe and the shoes from Vanilla.


4 thoughts on “Amsterdam Fashion week opening party

  1. Your dress is gorgeous! What’s the name of the dress? I frequently buy from ASOS but the variety of dresses is overwhelming! I wouldn’t know where to start searching 🙂

    1. I am not really sure.. i have had this dress for some months but I have never actually worn it! you cant see it from the pics but the back is pretty deep which is also nice!!! asos is dangerous.. it is so easy to just click and click and click and before you know it you have bought 10 dresses 😉

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