No way around it

I guess this will be the view for the rest of today. Since I have my first exam tomorrow, there is no way around it, I really have to study today. I am so terribly good at procrastinating and making excuses for why I should not start to study for my exams just yet. But then again I am a 1000 times more efficient when I have some pressure on me…So it is me and my books today (and A LOT of coffee)..Β 


10 thoughts on “No way around it

    1. yes, but unfortunately I dropped it on the floor and now the screen is kinda broken. But I cannot get it fixed cause blackberry does not have enough spare parts at the moment (what the repair shop told me). How do you like the Decleor so far? xo

      1. I am loving my Decleor, thanks :-). I’m still trying to look for the eye cream though. I definitely need it for my eye bags! Any other skincare brands you can recommend? X

      2. I used Darphin for a very long time which is also a really good but when I became a student again I decided I had to make some budget adjustment.. you can not get it a lot of places but it is a great great brand!! x

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