My 5 make up must-haves

I think I can safely say that I have spend way too much money on make up up until now. For some reason it is always a challenge for me to enter a tax free store without buying at least a mascara. While I was studying in the Hague I was flying back to Oslo every second month so that equals A LOT of make up. I love trying new items but here are the five items that I buy over and over again.

1. Lancome Star Bronzer 

Even during the long winter months this sun powder gives you a really nice natural glow. It is super easy to apply and you don’t even need a brush. But be careful not to use to much, then it just does not look natural.

2. Dior Mascara Iconic

I used to love Diorshow but although the result was really good, it dries out within a month. I found this mascara which is now my favorite cause you can use it during the day for a very natural look but when you put a couple of extra layers you can get a very dramatic effect as well..AND it does not dry out that fast. 

3. YSL Touche Eclat No. 1

I usually use this concealer above the Dior concealer (nr 4) for some highlights. It is also a really good idea to mix the two because your skin gets lighter during winter so by mixing the two you can find a better fit for your skin tone.

4. Dior Anticerne Perfecteur

If you can ever ever find this concealer again please let me know. I just recently found out that they stopped producing this one. I was able to get my hands my last one while I was visiting one of my best friends in India. She is also a fan, so when she told me that she knew a place where they still sold it, we rushed off and were able to buy the last two in the store! I know a lot people think it is “too heavy” but the secret is to just use a little of it. This concealer will last you for ages!

5. Mac Eyebrows Crayon

I like Mac in general and this eyebrow pencil gives a very natural lasting result! Highlighting your eyebrows really shapes your face so if you have not tried it yet you should. 

And as promised my favorite skin products…

I am a fan of all products of Decleor and Dermalogica. Decleor uses mostly natural ingredients so it is also very good for sensitive skin. Unfortunately you can not buy it in regular stores (at least not in Holland), so you can try to buy it online or at some beauty salons. From left to right: Aroma Night, Hydra Floral Day Creme, Hydra Floral Gel Cream for eyes, and cleanser. You can buy Dermalogica with a discount from Jersey Beauty Company.


7 thoughts on “My 5 make up must-haves

  1. Thank yo so much! You’re so lovely and kind! I have the same Dermalogica cleanser but have never tried Decleor. Is the moisturiser quite light?

    1. The moisturizer is pretty light! It gets absorbed into the skin really quickly and leaves you with a really fresh feeling. I have been using Decleor for years and I am really happy with the products. I can really recommend the night balm, it is GREAT! The products are a bit more expensive than other brands but I buy the products max once every half a year cause you need so little of it!

      1. Bought the day cream & night balm today. They only had the 30ml night balm pot so it cost £50 ! Smells so yummy though. Any other Decleor & Dermalogica products you recommend (since I’m on shopping mode already!) 🙂

      2. Great! Let me know how you like the products! Make sure to just use a tiny bit of the balm and warm if up with your fingertips before you apply it! I also really like the oils from decleor, have used several! Other than that i use the decleor micro lissante scrub which I also really like! The rest I have not tried so can not say anything about that!

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