Finding the aviator

It is amazing how many forgotten things I find when I properly go through my closet. Since I moved I have had to deal with the fact that half of my clothes are in boxes because we simply do not have enough closet space. It is not as if I miss anything in particular, most of the things i do not even remember having. Still it is always fun to open up the stashed-away boxes or have a good look into my closet. For some reason, not having seen the clothes in some time makes me see them in a new light. This is what I had with this aviator-style leather body-warmer. I totally forgot I had it and in this in-between spring and summer (cause this is for sure NOT what I like to call summer), it is perfect! 

Body-warmer: Mango, Shoes: ASOS, Necklace: from Prague, Bag: Friis Company


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