Versace for H&M

I know it is not going to happen before November but still I cannot help myself but getting slightly curious about the new guest-designer collection from H&M. This time the chosen designer is Versace, who will launch a women, men’s and interior collection for H&M.  The collaborations are such a brilliant concept. This is the time that you will see perfectly normal women turn into animals, pushing anyone aside who will stand in-between them and their wanted item. People are living outside the stores in tents for days. Some people will just grab anything, as soon as they are allowed into the store, regardless size and color, just to get something from the collection. I suppose this is he closest you get to shopping madness. To be honest Versace is not really my brand of choice, but from time to time there is an item that I do like. So I might try to buy an item online, as soon as the sales start, cause getting into the middle of all the pushing and fighting is not really tempting. Here are some backstage pictures of the samples of the H&M collection.



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