Nail polish

I recently bought a nail polish from Mavala. I love the fact that the bottles are so small that you can easily and quickly finish one bottle. I do not think I have ever been able to finish a normal-sized nail polish. They either dry out or I forget why I even bought the color in the first place. ( I still doubt that I will ever buy a dark royal blue nail-polish again..) So these small-sized nail polishes are brilliant for people like me. I bought the color Marron Glace, it goes so well with beige, white and black (which are my colors of most of my clothes). 

If you do not care about the size of the bottle, I would definitely recommend buying OPI. They have so many great colors and applying the nail-polish is a piece of cake due to the brilliant large brush. You can check out the colors here.  They even let you “try on” the color of your choice on the website where you can adjust everything from nail size to skin color to check if the color is a fit for you. Their newest innovation is the shattered nail polish which gives a ripples effect. Kinda funky but I am curious if it really looks like the picture below…



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