Bohemian style maxi skirts

Yesterday I was at a birthday party and a friend of mine told me that she needed to show me something. So we snuck off to another room where there was a laptop and started looking for clothes and outfits! She showed me an amazing outfit that is very bohemian style, I absolutely love it! I think we spent about an hour in front of the laptop until somebody finally dragged us away and we finally joined the rest! The outfit really made me want to wear long shirts and maxi-dresses!!

Super Maxi Skirt:, Flower Sandals:, Tank top:, clutch bag:

The maxi skirt is from Sandro Jarod and can be bought at but it is rather expensive (335 dollars) so if you wanna go for a cheaper version, there is a very affordable alternative from ASOS that will only make you 86 dollars poorer.

I was looking though my closet and found a hat that would go great with a maxi skirt!


2 thoughts on “Bohemian style maxi skirts

    1. thanks a lot!! 🙂 i agree with you, I don’t always like the style! but i for sure love the maxi dress.. too bad it is so expensive, otherwise i would go for the Sandro Jarod skirt without thinking twice!!! guess i will have to be happy with the ASOS version for now 😉

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